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I am going to start conducting interviews with people in the software and testing industry for the Web Performance blog. Robin Goldsmith of Go Pro Management was kind enough to become the first Web Performance interviewee.
Web Application Development

Outsource Call Center

I always thought how was outsourcing back in the early days.

Ben Cliff

Live Chat Support Software

A website without a live chat would be something like - A customer walks into a car showroom and looks at all the models; he spends some time, and walks out of the showroom with a contact number in hand. He may be left with numerous questions in mind. He may or may not contact the dealer. While a website with a Live Chat Support would be having a salesman in the showroom who can study the customer from the moment he enters the showroom, solving his answers all along and sending him back with all his queries well attended!

Site : http://www.livesalesman.com

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